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Concise Logic's customer service
for Dr. Karl Barth's American lectures
Kate Nicholes is a friendly person Hello, my name is Kate Nicholes.  I am Pastor John's sister.  I run Concise Logic's office and own half of the business.  Product stock, orders, and shipping are my responsibility.  I also manage the website and do the bookkeeping.

If you need help ordering or have a question about our Barth sets, I'm the best one to talk to.

Your complete satisfaction is my goal.
      My contact information...
Best time to call
My normal office hours are 11a-630p weekdays Eastern Time, 10a-530p Central, 9a-430p Mountain, or 8a-330p Pacific.
Send me a message on my website contact form page. (It uses a PHP script.)
Concise Logic
10 Jawbone Rd
Martinsdale MT 59053

Please contact me before shipping any return.

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