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Dr. Karl Barth
Dr. Karl Barth speaking in Chicago IL
speaking again
Hear 5 genuine Barth lectures, and his replies to questions.
This is the only digital edition authorized by Dr. Barth's family and publisher.
1st Edition BarthSet
      Dr. Karl Barth made only one visit to America.  In 1962 he lectured, in English, from his Evangelical Theology: An Introduction.  Dr. Barth's voice was recorded at the University of Chicago Divinity School and at Princeton Theological Seminary.
      The seven audio CDs of this modern digital republication are remastered from the full original 1963 LP set.  The data CD features complete images of Markus Barth's lecture companion booklet, plus additional tour photographs and information.
8 CDs $75.00+ship
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ISBN-13:  978-0-9785738-0-5   (ISBN 9780978573805)
ISBN-10:          0-9785738-0-3   (ISBN 0978573803)
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Concise Logic
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This elegant boxed set features seven audio CDs, plus one data CD of related text and pictures.   Digitized images of the original lecture companion booklet by Dr. Barth's son Professor Markus Barth, plus the full booklet text as a searchable file, are featured on the data CD.  A trip itinerary, photos taken in Chicago IL by Dr. John Opie, and more are also on the data CD.

Enjoy Karl Barth's delightful speaking voice in full audio fidelity.  Play the seven audio CDs on any CD player.
    CD 1 - Lecture 1 - A Happy Science
    CD 2 - Lecture 2 - The Word
    CD 3 - Lecture 3 - The Witnesses
    CD 4 - Lecture 4 - The Community
    CD 5 - Lecture 5 - The Spirit
    CD 6 - Karl Barth answers questions - Questions 1-10
    CD 7 - Karl Barth answers questions - Questions 11-16

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